• About ERA Intersection of Time - A Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular

    The Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular 'ERA Intersection of Time' has been performed since its debut at Shanghai Circus World in September 2005. It is unique and comparable to the tradition of the Broadway Musical. It is in
    • 2013-07-07
    • 4557
    About ERA Intersection of Time - A Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular
  • About Shanghai Circus World - Miss It and You Miss Shanghai

    Shanghai Circus World, regarded as China's No. 1 Circus World is located in Zhabei District. Situated opposite the Zhabei Stadium to the south it is adjacent to Guangzhong Park to the north. It has a distinctive architecture w
    • 2013-07-07
    • 11180
    About Shanghai Circus World - Miss It and You Miss Shanghai
  • "ERA", one of the most popular evening in Shanghai

    Shanghai is a dynamic city featuring colorful night entertainments. The show “ERA” in Shanghai has become one of the most popular evening entertainments for tourists in the city.Now,it has been staged for six years.As a multimilli
    • 2013-07-06
    • 2668
    "ERA", one of the most popular evening in Shanghai
  • Highlight 8 Space Motorcycles

    8 terror cotta soldier looking warriors run a motor race in an iron and steel globe with a dimension of 6.8 meters. They drive the audience crazy and bring the show to a happy ending.
    • 2013-07-06
    • 2956
    Highlight 8 Space Motorcycles
  • Highlight 7 Forever

    The most romantic act of ERA. With two silk ribbons, a young pair of lovers expresses their admiration and affections not only for each other but also for the audience from the air.
    • 2013-07-06
    • 1984
    Highlight 7 Forever
  • Highlight 6 Wheel of Life

    Consisting of 3 smaller wheels with a dimension of 2 meters each, the giant wheel is hanging more that 10 meters high above the ground. While keeping the wheel spinning, 6 artists practise various breath-taking actions both in and
    • 2013-07-06
    • 2579
    Highlight 6 Wheel of Life
  • Highlight 5 Jar Juggling

    Originated from Han Dynasty (206BC-220), the act matches the history of the white and blue pattern porcelain jar as well as the terror cotta soldiers in the background scenes. Throwing, catching, kicking, tossing…the artist plays
    • 2013-07-06
    • 1160
    Highlight 5 Jar Juggling
  • Highlight 4 Music of ERA

    Having a good mastery of the features of Chinese music, the famous Canadian composer Michel Cusson wrote the music according to each act. The style, the music elements, the orchestration… everything shows that the music of ERA is
    • 2013-07-06
    • 975
    Highlight 4 Music of ERA
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Hi! CAN i pay with a crédit card or cash just before the show start. I would like to réserve for 3 at 120 rmb on 19july. Tanks. I. Marcorelles
Hi, you can come to our office to buy tickets and pay by cash or credit card issued by Chinese bank. But we cannot keep the tickets for you before you paid.
Hello, How long takes the delivery ? Thanks
Hi, it depends on your address.
I live in Australia and the show date I picked is 29 June, which is more than 25 days later, however when I try to order online I got a message saying "Because the performance or the event draws near, the express delivery may not be able to deliver in time. Please choose other method of delivery or change performance date". How long does it take to deliver tickets to Australia? is 25 days not enough? If it is enough time, can I order?
Hi, we guess that it will take over 10 days, but it depends on express company.
Do you have any age requirements for VIP seats?
Hi, no any requirement.
Hello , is the show will be reopen in second half of November 2018 ?
Hi, no schedule at this time.
How can I pay money after I booked online?
Hi, paypal for online and bank transfer are supported. After paid, we can ship the tickets to your address or you get the tickets at our office before starting.
How long is the entire show?
Hi, it will take up to 90 minutes.
When will the tickets for June be released?
Hi, please come back soon.
Hi,I am going to visit in April.Is it going to be at the current venue or the old venue?Is the show same as at the old venue or different( i liked it at old venue)
Hi, no further information, please follow that.
How do I buy 1 wheelchair ticket & 2 companion tickets? How much do they cost?
Hi, it's better to buy the special tickets in the ticket office.
Hi, i want to book couple of tickets for 17th May. Can I collect the tickets over the counter before the show or any chance can send it to the hotel we are staying between 16th to 17th? Thank you.
Hi, it can be sent to hotel, but you must let the hotel sign for you.
Hi ! We have paid for tickets online and were told we then have to phone for seats. No one is responding at the two phone numbers given (66525468 or 139-1871-9097). We would like to attend a show in the next couple of days. Please respond or provide an alternate phone number that is answered. Thanks!
Hi, this is not our telephone number, please confirm you purchased the tickets from our web site.