Hi, is IT possible to collect the ticket from the counter just prior to performance? Thanks.
Hi, not supported.
Why is no there ticket booking option for June?
Hi, now it's open for June.
Dear Sirs, I already bought tickets by you – my order number is: 1609097696Unfortunately there is an error!ERA-Intersection of Time: Sep 25, 19:30 – but in the order: Sep 12, 19:30It is an invitation with my Chinese Business partners.May you can please change the date?
Hi, the date has been changed, please check email notice later.
Hi, am trybing to buy tickets for 8th May and send to Hotel, but express sending may not arrive in time?how can i buy tickets? for 8th show
Hi, the tickets can be sent to the hotel.
Hello,Unfortunatelly it is not possible to change month on the chart. I saw that I should "Click "«" and "»" to change month" but I cannot fint this signs. Could you help me, how can I book ticket to October 2017? Thanks, for your help in advance
Hi, the tickets for October are not open for booking, please come back in September.
How long will the tickets arrive in Australia?
Hi,about 7 days.
How can I book 2 tickets for a show the 1st or 2nd of January 2017?
Hi, please come back to make the order after November.
Hello, How long takes the delivery ? Thanks
Hi, it depends on your address.
Will there be ERA performances in October?
Hi, it is not confirmed yet.
Hello is there a 14:00 performance on Sunday, 12 March ? Thanks!
Hi, there is performance each weekend, please make the order from the web site.
hi, is it possible to get the ticket on the day itself? or do we need to buy 1 day early before the show?
Hi, to buy the tickets early is suggested.
Is there a performance on Friday 16th or Saturday 17th?
Hi, there are two performances on Friday or Saturday.