Highlight 8 Space Motorcycles

2013-07-06 17:13
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8 terror cotta soldier looking warriors run a motor race in an iron and steel globe with a dimension of 6.8 meters. They drive the audience crazy and bring the show to a happy ending.



Is there a performance on Friday 16th or Saturday 17th?
Hi, there are two performances on Friday or Saturday.
Do you have tickets available for 27th July ?
Hi, we have no more tickets.
Is it possible to buy the 150rmb tickets? If so, how do I do it?
Hi, you may go to the ticket office to try.
Could you deliver the tickets to my country?
Hi, after you paid, we'll deliver the tickets to your address. But attention please, you must book and pay in advance so that we have the enought time to deliver the tickets.
Hello, I am in Korea and I bought a ticket yesterday throughwebsite. I paid whole price through paypal. My name is Eun*** Kim. But I can't find any information about my ticket in that website or my email box. Could you help me how can I get my ticket?I wrote my email address on that website and my Chinese address, which is The Eaton Hotel.
Hi, please confirm that you purchased the tickets through our web site. You may supply your email address, then we can search your order by this.
Hello, Is there going to be a show after the 30th January
Hi, no show after January 30th.
Hi, i will be in shangai next month. I booked for 3 night in a hôtel. Even if i have not already checked in, is it possible to have the ticket delivered there? What the procedure?Thanks a lot
Hi, you may let the hotel receive your tickets, then we can send it to your hotel.
I must print the ticket to go inside in the show?
Hi, yes, you must take a ticket in your hand.
Hi, I have a 2 year old child! Do I have to buy a full ticket for him or is he free of charge if he is sitting on my lap?
Hi, yes, you must buy a full ticket.
Hi, if I book and pay online and delivery now not to our hotel in Shanghai, please advise how does a foreigner get the ticket? Can we exchange the original ticket at your counter? Thanks
Hi, we can send the tickets to your hotel, but you must let your hotel to sign and receive the tickets for you.
Hi I am from malaysia ,if I buy online they would email to me then I print out the tickets or will send by courier to me?If send by courier normally how long?
Hi, only home delivery is supported.
I live in Florida, U.S.A.I would like to buy 1 ticket for one evening show.The date of my attendance can be on any oneof these dates:Oct. 4, Oct. 5, Oct. 15, or Oct. 16. What is best procedure to buy and receive ticket? Can the ticket besent to my address in Florida before Oct. 1, 2017? I am also staying in hotel in Shanghai.Would it be better to by ticket in Shanghai?
Hi, the tickets for October are not released, please follow the web site.