Highlight 5 Jar Juggling

2013-07-06 17:10
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Originated from Han Dynasty (206BC-220), the act matches the history of the white and blue pattern porcelain jar as well as the terror cotta soldiers in the background scenes. Throwing, catching, kicking, tossing…the artist plays the jars just like a NBA sportsman plays his basketball.



Hi can I purchase 25 tickets for 9th of November?
Hi, you may make the order online.
If I buy tickets for Jan 3 (2015) right now and my Waldorf Hotel check-in is Jan 2, How can I receive my ticets in Shanghai?
Hi, we can send the tickets to your hotel.
hi, how can I buy happy circus ticket online for 11march? thanks!
Hi, you may make the order and pay online.
Hi i have a baby with me. Is there any seating area where there is space to put a baby stroller next to me?
There is no space for baby stroller in the performance hall, but you can leave it at the venue's baggage storage, please ask the staff at the venue for more information.
Hello! I want to buy 2 tickets, but we are in Spain until end of August. Do you send the tickets to Spain? Thks
Hi, we can send the tickets to Spain.
Hi, I am in Colombia (South America), if buy tickets online are they going to be shipped to Colombia or how I could receive them by email?
Hi, we can send the tickets to Colombia.
I want to pay tickets by VISA card can or not?
Hi, you can pay by PayPal.
Hi,I am going to visit in April.Is it going to be at the current venue or the old venue?Is the show same as at the old venue or different( i liked it at old venue)
Hi, no further information, please follow that.
Hello, Is there a discount for students?
Hi, no discount.
Hi there. We are wanting tickets for September. Do you know when they will be available, and how do we receive the actual tickets? Can we print them out at home (e-ticket), or will you send them to our hotel? Thanks!
Hi, normally you can buy the tickets 2 months in advance. We can send the tickets to your home address or hotel, it depends on your demand.
Hi ! We have paid for tickets online and were told we then have to phone for seats. No one is responding at the two phone numbers given (66525468 or 139-1871-9097). We would like to attend a show in the next couple of days. Please respond or provide an alternate phone number that is answered. Thanks!
Hi, this is not our telephone number, please confirm you purchased the tickets from our web site.
Hi, I would like to attend the show on 8th or 9th july, when will it be possible to purchase the tickets?
Hi, please come back after June 20.