Shanghai circus city happy circus traffic raiders

2021-04-12 13:51
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Shanghai Happy Circus Tickets

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥160 - 190
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Shanghai's most popular circus acrobats, joy to the circus show all the year round on site is performed in the Shanghai circus city, Shanghai circus city joy circus tickets booking telephone: 400-118-2797, Shanghai circus city booking website: Shanghai Circus City is located at No. 2266, Gonghe Xin Road, Jing 'an District, Shanghai. It is close to Daning Jiuguang Shopping Mall in the south and Daning Lingshi Park in the north. It is the center of culture, sports and entertainment in Shanghai.

Shanghai circus city happy circus traffic raiders

Shanghai circus city traffic raiders

Shanghai Circus City Self-driving Traffic Route:

【 North-South Viaduct 】

South to north (north and south viaduct), viaduct Yanchang Road exit, go straight to Guangzhong Road to turn around;

Direction north to south (north and south viaduct), under the viaduct guangzhong road exit, go straight through guangzhong road.

Middle Ring Road

From west to east/south to north viaduct exit (in the direction of lupu bridge)/guangzhong road exit, get off the viaduct and continue south, pass through guangzhong road to arrive.

From east to west/south to north viaduct exit (in the direction of Lupu bridge)/guangzhong road exit, get off the viaduct and continue south, pass through guangzhong road to arrive.

Parking: Shanghai circus city underground parking garage 10 yuan per hour. Parking space is limited. If the parking space is full, you can park to Daning International Commercial Square or Daning Lingshi Park.

Shanghai Circus City Rail Transit Route:

Take Subway Line 1 to Shanghai Circus City Station, and walk from Exit 3 to Shanghai Circus City for about 1 minute.

Shanghai Circus City Bus Route:

Take section 322, 849, 46, 95, 312, 547, 741, 944 to Daning Road Station, Gonghe Xin Road, and walk for about 2 minutes to Shanghai Circus City.



Is not possible to print the tickets online? I am going to buy them from Spain and I don't want the tickets to get lost in the delivery
Hi, you must get the the paper tickets to enter.
We would like to purchase tickets as a Christmas present for our parents who live in SH, but we live in the US and only have a US phone number and email. Can we receive the tickets through that and then forward to our parents to print? Thank you.
Yes, you can use the US mobile phone number and email address. After issuing the ticket, a text message or email will be sent to them. The e-ticket can be printed and used. At the same time, you can also log in to your account through your mobile browser and view the QR code of the e-ticket online.
Hello, Is there going to be a show after the 30th January
Hi, no show after January 30th.
I am staying at Marriott Shanghai Parkview hotel, Guangzhong Xi Lu No 333, Zaibei district.How far from here if by walk?
Hi, I guess less than 20 minutes walk.
Does the intersection of time perform on weekdays?
Hi, normally ERA will perform each day.
I would like to book tickets for Jan 2018, but Internet page only Shows Dec 2017 and cannot be changed. Please instruct hot to do.
Hi, now the tickets for Jan. 2018 are released, please make the order from web site.
Hi! We have already paid our ERA tickets good for 8 personswith Invoice ID: p1703230947431704021 via Paypal. Your email to us after booking stated that we will be getting our tickets at the Box Office. What will I show at the Box Office on April 2 then? Thank you. We are from the Philippines.
Hi, this order did not belong to our company.
Hi, you cannot select a specific seat.
Hi are there tickets for July?
Hi, the show Intersection of Time will reopen in October.
Hi. Will there be tickets for ERA in October? Couldn´t find the schedule.
Hi, no schedule for October at this time.
good morningI'm going to buy two tickets. I have left the hotel to be notified and they have given me the ok. Is there any problem in receiving them there?
Hi, that's no problem if the hotel agree to receive the ticket.
I will be going to Shanghai in AprilcCan I buy the tickets now?
Hi, no any schedule for April, please follow.