Shanghai circus city happy circus traffic raiders

2021-04-12 13:51
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Shanghai Happy Circus Tickets

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥160 - 190
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Shanghai's most popular circus acrobats, joy to the circus show all the year round on site is performed in the Shanghai circus city, Shanghai circus city joy circus tickets booking telephone: 400-118-2797, Shanghai circus city booking website: Shanghai Circus City is located at No. 2266, Gonghe Xin Road, Jing 'an District, Shanghai. It is close to Daning Jiuguang Shopping Mall in the south and Daning Lingshi Park in the north. It is the center of culture, sports and entertainment in Shanghai.

Shanghai circus city happy circus traffic raiders

Shanghai circus city traffic raiders

Shanghai Circus City Self-driving Traffic Route:

【 North-South Viaduct 】

South to north (north and south viaduct), viaduct Yanchang Road exit, go straight to Guangzhong Road to turn around;

Direction north to south (north and south viaduct), under the viaduct guangzhong road exit, go straight through guangzhong road.

Middle Ring Road

From west to east/south to north viaduct exit (in the direction of lupu bridge)/guangzhong road exit, get off the viaduct and continue south, pass through guangzhong road to arrive.

From east to west/south to north viaduct exit (in the direction of Lupu bridge)/guangzhong road exit, get off the viaduct and continue south, pass through guangzhong road to arrive.

Parking: Shanghai circus city underground parking garage 10 yuan per hour. Parking space is limited. If the parking space is full, you can park to Daning International Commercial Square or Daning Lingshi Park.

Shanghai Circus City Rail Transit Route:

Take Subway Line 1 to Shanghai Circus City Station, and walk from Exit 3 to Shanghai Circus City for about 1 minute.

Shanghai Circus City Bus Route:

Take section 322, 849, 46, 95, 312, 547, 741, 944 to Daning Road Station, Gonghe Xin Road, and walk for about 2 minutes to Shanghai Circus City.

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Hi, can we just print out the ticket from email?
Hi, you cannot.
Hi, you cannot select a specific seat.
When will be the tickets for May 2019 available ?
Hi, it will be in April.
Hello, I'd like to buy 2 tickets for 9 of January. Are there left any available??
Hi, please refer to the calendar of the web site.
Hi I would really like to buy 2 tickets for tomorrow nights show as we leave the day after. Is there any chance of getting a ticket as it appears to be sold out :( we've come from England to see this!
Hi, please go to the ticket office, maybe you have a chance to purchase the tickets.
Hi...Is it possible to send the ticket to my hotel in Shanghai (Grand Central Shanghai)? If I buy the ticket today, How long will it take?
Hi, we can send the tickets to the hotel, but please let the hotel know so that they can sign the package for you.
Hi, is it possible to send tickets to Russia (Moscow)? How long it will be? Thank you
Hi, the express can reach Russia, but we cannot confirm how long it will take.
Hi, are the tickets number seated? Can we choose the our seats when booking?
Hi, you cannot choose seat.
Does the infant (less than 2 years baby) require a ticket?
Hi, full price for children.
Could you provide a pin location on a map for the venue location, when I look now I see two different locations when I type it into my maps app and Im not sure which one it is.
Hi,2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District,please take Metro Line 1,Shanghai Circus World Station,Exit 3.
Hi, are tickets cheaper for foreign students studying in China? Any discounts? We have student cards from our university.And are tickets available at the entrance?
Hi, no any discount for ERA show.
Do you sell group tickets? Is there a discount for buying over 10 tickets? We have a group of 13-15 people who want to come on July 25.
Hi, please send email to us for detail.