Hi there. We are wanting tickets for September. Do you know when they will be available, and how do we receive the actual tickets? Can we print them out at home (e-ticket), or will you send them to our hotel? Thanks!
Hi, normally you can buy the tickets 2 months in advance. We can send the tickets to your home address or hotel, it depends on your demand.
Hello, could you say me if it is possible to come with a child is 2 years old?
Hi, you're advised: full price for children, declined baby admission.
Hi, i want to book couple of tickets for 17th May. Can I collect the tickets over the counter before the show or any chance can send it to the hotel we are staying between 16th to 17th? Thank you.
Hi, it can be sent to hotel, but you must let the hotel sign for you.
Do you have a schedule for Oct 10 or 11?
Hi, I would like to attend the show on 8th or 9th july, when will it be possible to purchase the tickets?
Hi, please come back after June 20.
Hi, are tickets cheaper for foreign students studying in China? Any discounts? We have student cards from our university.And are tickets available at the entrance?
Hi, no any discount for ERA show.
Hi, can we just print out the ticket from email?
Hi, you cannot.
Hi! Does a 1 year old baby need a ticket if he is staying on my lap during the presentation?
Hi, declined baby admission for ERA show.
hi, am I able to pick up the seats for the VIP area myself or does the ticket system automaticly picked them for me? If the system does it, what are the rules?
Hi, the ticket system will pick the seats according to the time of order.
Does the intersection of time perform on weekdays?
Hi, normally ERA will perform each day.
Hi, I live and work in the Jiading district. Can I still have the tickets delivered to my workplace and pay cash on delivery?
Hi, I'm sorry, cash on delivery is not supported for ERA tickets.
Hi i have a baby with me. Is there any seating area where there is space to put a baby stroller next to me?
There is no space for baby stroller in the performance hall, but you can leave it at the venue's baggage storage, please ask the staff at the venue for more information.