Highlight 4 Music of ERA

2013-07-06 17:08
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Having a good mastery of the features of Chinese music, the famous Canadian composer Michel Cusson wrote the music according to each act. The style, the music elements, the orchestration… everything shows that the music of ERA is an excellent combination of eastern and western music. The live performance by one band with Chinese traditional instruments + another with western instruments offers the audience extra enjoyment.



hi, is the Era-show on now?
Not yet, but it will open soon.
Are the dates for October relased yet?
Hi, not yet.
hi, am I able to pick up the seats for the VIP area myself or does the ticket system automaticly picked them for me? If the system does it, what are the rules?
Hi, the ticket system will pick the seats according to the time of order.
Hello, is a 3 yo kid allowed to attend the show? Does he have to pay the ticket?
Admission by ticket, including child.
Does the infant (less than 2 years baby) require a ticket?
Hi, full price for children.
When I purchase my tickets for the show, is it random selection or can I pick my seats, when do seats for March 2017 go on sale ? Thank You
Hi, you cannot choose seat. Please come back for March's shows in Feb.
We need tickets for March 5/2017. What times are performances that day? How do we pay online when we purchase tickets
Please try to book tickets for March 2017 in Feb.
Hi this is Ben. I'm trying to get two tickets 280rnb each for tonight's show. Is it possible? Can I do over the counter purchase? Thank you!
Hi, you may try, but we're not sure any tickets will be left at that time.
Hello, Is there going to be a show after the 30th January
Hi, no show after January 30th.
is any discount for era ticket?
Hi, I'm so sorry that no discount for ERA ticket(s). All kinds of people include children are full price.
How long does it take?
Hi, it'll take about 90 minutes.
Hello, I would love to ask if I can buy the tickets in advance, but really in advance, I would love to buy tickets for February now if it is possible. Also is it possible to buy them in the theater? Thank you
Please buy the tickets for February in January.