"ERA", one of the most popular evening in Shanghai

2013-07-06 17:17
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Shanghai is a dynamic city featuring colorful night entertainments. The show “ERA” in Shanghai has become one of the most popular evening entertainments for tourists in the city.Now,it has been staged for six years.

As a multimillion-dollar stunning acrobatic extravaganza, the first of its kind in China, ERA is a multimedia odyssey whose inspiration is a direct result of the combination of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts and modern technology. Just like Shanghai, ERA evolves through a constant collision between the past and future.

ERA is a love story, yet it is also contemplation across the millennia, a fascination with that other dimension man has yet to conquer: time. ERA's acrobats are on a quest to find that tenuous point of balance, the intersection between X, Y and Z.

Not only will the audience be amazed by the acrobats' control and precision, they will be enchanted by the world that is created through the use of multimedia, technology, lighting and sound effects, elaborate costumes, original live music and a lot more.

As such, ERA can remain universal, without language or cultural barriers. A thousand-year-old gesture is worth a thousand emotions, a thousand images, a thousand words ……

Shanghai Acrobatic Show is a must-see when you travel to Shanghai, integrating traditional love story with modern performing art. Get impressed by the brilliant acrobatic arts to feed your imagination and bring your dreams back to the present.



kids 4 years old need to buy ticket
Hi, everybody needs a ticket to watch the show.
Im in suzhou. Can you send the tickets by email or correspondence, if correspondence, how can I give you my address ? Can we select the seats ? Or should we get early to get a good spot?
Hi, you may make the order from the web site, we can send the tickets to your address by express.
I want to reserve for 10 July show. When is it possible to do that?
Hi, please come back after May.
Hi, when can I buy tickets for June? How much will tickets be in USD?
Hi, you may come back to try in April.
Hi, i want to watch the show on December 28th. Will there be the 14:00 perfomance on theat day? Also, I wil bring my nephew under 4 yrs. Is it possible for him to watch the show?
Hi, no show at 14:00 of December 28th.
Hello, I live in another country(not in china) How can I buy ticket ? To buy online ticket , I do not have china credit card to pay money .
Hi, please buy the tickets from the web site, and pay money by international credit card.
I'm looking for 4 tickets for ERA show tonight or tomorrow. Is it possible?
Hi, you can book the tickets for tonight or tomorrow at the Chinese web site only.
How long will the tickets arrive in Australia?
Hi,about 7 days.
Hi,Im in zhengzhou city could you please tell me how can i get tickets in here & how long its gonna take to get tickets in hand?
Hi, you may choose "home delivery", it will take up to 3 to 5 days.
When will I be able to purchase tickets for the period 4-7 September 2017?
Hi, please come back after July.
Do you arrange hotel pick up and drop off? If yes, is there any extra cost
Hi, we can deliver the tickets to the hotel which booked.
Hi. Will there be tickets for ERA in October? Couldn´t find the schedule.
Hi, no schedule for October at this time.