Highlight 3 Floating Gondola

2013-07-06 17:07
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Piercing through the water curtain comes out a Chinese compass (a magnetic spoon on a map), which is a good symbol of the Chinese ancient civilization. As soon as beautiful water scenes are created by the multimedia projectors, the spoon has transformed into a gondola providing a platform for the artist to perform on.



Hello is there a 14:00 performance on Sunday, 12 March ? Thanks!
Hi, there is performance each weekend, please make the order from the web site.
Are there any tickets available for Sunday night?
Hi, please refer to the web site.
Hello. Could you please, give a brief information about the program at 5th of September, Monday?
Hi, please prefer to the web site: http://www.shcircusworld.com/era-tickets.html
Can we book the seat number when we buy online ticket?
Hi, we're sorry, you cannot choose the seat number when booking online.
I would like to book 10 tickets for this 28/7, but couldn't go through
Hi, please go to the ticket office to buy.
Hi, can you send tickets to The Netherlands?
Hi, we can send the tickets to Netherlands.
hello again. it's me, Kim from Korea. My email address is eunbae3@naver.com and my ticket is for june 7th, 420 yuan . thank you very much.
Hi, we cannot find your email address. Please confirm you purchased the tickets through this web site: www.shcircusworld.com.
Is a 1 year old baby allowed to attend the show?
Yes, anybody can and admission by ticket.
When can I buy tickets for May 3rd? The dates don;t go past Apr 30.
Hi, the tickets for May are still not in schedule, please wait.
Im in suzhou. Can you send the tickets by email or correspondence, if correspondence, how can I give you my address ? Can we select the seats ? Or should we get early to get a good spot?
Hi, you may make the order from the web site, we can send the tickets to your address by express.
Hi,I am going to visit in April.Is it going to be at the current venue or the old venue?Is the show same as at the old venue or different( i liked it at old venue)
Hi, no further information, please follow that.
Hello, I live in another country(not in china) How can I buy ticket ? To buy online ticket , I do not have china credit card to pay money .
Hi, please buy the tickets from the web site, and pay money by international credit card.