Highlight 3 Floating Gondola

2013-07-06 17:07
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Piercing through the water curtain comes out a Chinese compass (a magnetic spoon on a map), which is a good symbol of the Chinese ancient civilization. As soon as beautiful water scenes are created by the multimedia projectors, the spoon has transformed into a gondola providing a platform for the artist to perform on.



Is there anyERA performance on Sept 20th ?
Hi, please see http://www.shcircusworld.com/era-tickets.html.
Do you still have VIP ticket available for 8 October?
Hi, there are no performances scheduled for October 8.
Hi, I would like to book couple of tickets gor 17th May...can I collect the tickets over the counter before the show starts? Thank you.
Hi, only home delivery is supported.
Hey is it possible to come without a reservation tomorrow night? March 13th? I see you are sold out online.
Hi, you may go to the ticket office to try to get the tickets.
Hi, I wish to order ticket for 13 Jun and have tickets delivered to hotel on 12 Jun. However, I do not have a local phone number and the website is not allowing me to place order online. please advise how I can place order online. Thanks!
Hi, you must supply a local phone so that the courier can contact you. If no, you may supply a hotel's phone number and your email address, then let the cell phone field empty.
When I purchase my tickets for the show, is it random selection or can I pick my seats, when do seats for March 2017 go on sale ? Thank You
Hi, you cannot choose seat. Please come back for March's shows in Feb.
How can I book 2 tickets for a show the 1st or 2nd of January 2017?
Hi, please come back to make the order after November.
Can I receive the tickets by email ?
Hi, the tickets have to deliver to you.
Hi! Does a 2 and 1 year old baby need a ticket if they are staying on me and my husband lap during the presentation?
Hi, please be noticed that full price for children, declined baby admission.
I would like to book tickets for Jan 2018, but Internet page only Shows Dec 2017 and cannot be changed. Please instruct hot to do.
Hi, now the tickets for Jan. 2018 are released, please make the order from web site.
Hello, I'd like to buy 2 tickets for 9 of January. Are there left any available??
Hi, please refer to the calendar of the web site.
Hello,Unfortunatelly it is not possible to change month on the chart. I saw that I should "Click "«" and "»" to change month" but I cannot fint this signs. Could you help me, how can I book ticket to October 2017? Thanks, for your help in advance
Hi, the tickets for October are not open for booking, please come back in September.