When do tickets for May performances go on sale?
Hi, you may try in April.
good morningI'm going to buy two tickets. I have left the hotel to be notified and they have given me the ok. Is there any problem in receiving them there?
Hi, that's no problem if the hotel agree to receive the ticket.
Could you deliver the tickets to my country?
Hi, after you paid, we'll deliver the tickets to your address. But attention please, you must book and pay in advance so that we have the enought time to deliver the tickets.
Hello! I want to buy ticjets for 3 people for August 22. Are the tickets sold out? Or there is no performance that day?
Hi, the tickets of this day were sold out.
When we can buy ticket for the ERA show in January 2017 ??
Hi, it will be released after November.
Hi, I would like to attend the show on 8th or 9th july, when will it be possible to purchase the tickets?
Hi, please come back after June 20.
There are supposed to be tickets from 150¥ on but the booking tool only offers tickets from 250¥ on. How can I purchase them?
Hi, try to get the tickets from the ticket office in the circus world, good luck!
Hello is there a 14:00 performance on Sunday, 12 March ? Thanks!
Hi, there is performance each weekend, please make the order from the web site.
Hi, what prof shall I show you when I collect the tickets?
Hi, please tell them your real name while collecting the tickets in the Circus.
Do you have tickets for August 2?
Hi, yes, you may book the tickets online.
Hello. Could you please, give a brief information about the program at 5th of September, Monday?
Hi, please prefer to the web site:
Is the full price for child?
Hi, full price for children , declined baby admission.