Shanghai Circus World May ERA Show Schedule

2024-04-12 15:06
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ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥280 - 1080
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ERA, which premiered on September 27, 2005, has ended in January 2020. It has been successfully performed for 15 years and has become a classic memory.

And a new story is about to unfold, "ERA 2" will meet the audience on June 19 for an audition, and officially premiere on July 31. As a permanent performance project in Shanghai Circus City, it will start a new journey.

There are a total of 37 performances at ERA in May, with the following schedule of performances:

shanghai era


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Hello, how long is delivery to Jakarta, Indonesia? And how much is shipping cost?
Hi, it will take more than 10 days.
How can I pay money after I booked online?
Hi, paypal for online and bank transfer are supported. After paid, we can ship the tickets to your address or you get the tickets at our office before starting.
Are there still 4 tickets available for today 06.Aug
Hi, it's not available.
Is it possible to take photos or videos?
Hi,photography and video recording are not permitted during the performance.
Hi, i want to watch the show on December 28th. Will there be the 14:00 perfomance on theat day? Also, I wil bring my nephew under 4 yrs. Is it possible for him to watch the show?
Hi, no show at 14:00 of December 28th.
If I buy tickets for January as a present for someone else, can they collect them at the Box Office on the night of the performance with a reference number from me?
Hi, only Express Delivery is supported.
hi tickets for this saturday still available?
Hi, please go to the ticket office to try.
When only homedelivery is supported, how do I get a ticket for 6 march? (I'm not in China now)
Hi, you may buy the tickets after you arrived in Shanghai.
Hi, if I book and pay online and delivery now not to our hotel in Shanghai, please advise how does a foreigner get the ticket? Can we exchange the original ticket at your counter? Thanks
Hi, we can send the tickets to your hotel, but you must let your hotel to sign and receive the tickets for you.
wanting to book tickets for the 20th July. Is it possible to get them sent to the Pullman hotel in shanghai
Hi, we can send the tickets to hotel.
Hi, I buyed tickets, but it's didn't shipped. Now I stay at the counter and can't get in without tickets.I show the reservation number, the phone number and my name but the happy circus don't accept it.
Hi, your package was signed on March 14. Please contact express company for detail.
Hello, could you say me if it is possible to come with a child is 2 years old?
Hi, you're advised: full price for children, declined baby admission.