Highlight 1 Mirror Mirage

2013-07-06 11:34
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Entering the auditorium, the audience will see themselves through the reflection of a huge mirror cylinder with a height of 6 meters and a dimension of 11 meters. House light dims and the dream-like journey of ERA starts from the center of this mirror cage.



Is it possible send the tickets by mall or what is the best way to recibe the tickets in South America?
Hi, you may choose send to your home address or a hotel which you booked of Shanghai.
Hi. Will there be tickets for ERA on February 1st or 2nd 2019? Can I buy the tickets after we arrive in Shanghai or I should by them in advance?
Hi, you are suggested to buy in advance.
Hello is there a 14:00 performance on Sunday, 12 March ? Thanks!
Hi, there is performance each weekend, please make the order from the web site.
Hello, how long is delivery to Jakarta, Indonesia? And how much is shipping cost?
Hi, it will take more than 10 days.
I would like to purchase Y150 and Y250 tickets for a big group (100 pax) for October. Can I book tickets this early and have the entire group seated together?
Hi, the tickets for October are not released, please come back after August.
Are there any tickets available for Sunday night?
Hi, please refer to the web site.
Hello, when will there be more information on the reopening after the renovation? Can you already estimate when "ERA - Intersection of Time" will be performed again?
Hi, no further information till now, please concern.
Hi, i have a sudden change in meeting schedule but i booked my ticket already. Can i get your help to to change my 8 tickets from 28 Oct Friday to 4 Nov? My order number is 1610161123. Please help me. Thank you
Hi, your tickets were issued, cannot be changed.
Hi, i want to book couple of tickets for 17th May. Can I collect the tickets over the counter before the show or any chance can send it to the hotel we are staying between 16th to 17th? Thank you.
Hi, it can be sent to hotel, but you must let the hotel sign for you.
Hi! Does a 2 and 1 year old baby need a ticket if they are staying on me and my husband lap during the presentation?
Hi, please be noticed that full price for children, declined baby admission.
Hi, if I book and pay online and delivery now not to our hotel in Shanghai, please advise how does a foreigner get the ticket? Can we exchange the original ticket at your counter? Thanks
Hi, we can send the tickets to your hotel, but you must let your hotel to sign and receive the tickets for you.
Could you deliver the tickets to my country?
Hi, after you paid, we'll deliver the tickets to your address. But attention please, you must book and pay in advance so that we have the enought time to deliver the tickets.