Shanghai Circus World’s “Spirit of shanghai”

2024-06-26 11:15
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ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥280 - 1080
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Shanghai, abbreviated as “Hu” and also known as “Shen”, is a direct-administered municipality of the People’s Republic of China. It is a national central city, a megacity, the core city of the Shanghai metropolitan area, and a national historical and cultural city. As a brilliant gem in China’s cultural industry, Shanghai Circus World’s meticulously crafted “Spirit of shanghai” series has long been a classic in the hearts of global audiences.

Now, the newly upgraded “Spirit of shanghai 2” has once again made a stunning debut, continuing the glory of its predecessor and becoming another milestone in the field of stage arts.


Since its inception, “Spirit of shanghai” has won the acclaim of countless audiences with its unique artistic expression and stunning visual effects. It has received numerous accolades, including the National Stage Art Excellence Project, the Ministry of Culture Innovation Award, the National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, the Ministry of Culture Outstanding Preserved Repertoire Award, and the Top 30 National Cultural Enterprises. These honors unequivocally demonstrate its extraordinary artistic value and broad social impact.


Building on this foundation, “Spirit of shanghai 2” not only retains the spectacular “Globe of Death” act, which once dazzled audiences on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but also features almost entirely new creations and choreographies for the other acts. This is not just a simple upgrade; it is an entirely new journey, leading the audience into a world full of innovation and wonder.

“Spirit of shanghai 2” inherits the essence of the “Spirit of shanghai” brand—“Chinese elements, international collaboration; Chinese stories, international expression.” The show seamlessly integrates modern technology with Chinese acrobatic arts, presenting a breathtaking stage audio-visual experience.


In this production, the audience can not only appreciate the superb skills of traditional Chinese acrobatics but also experience the stunning visual effects brought by modern technology. From high-altitude acrobatics to ground performances, from light shows to multimedia interactions, every detail of the entire performance is meticulously crafted to provide the audience with the ultimate artistic enjoyment.


“Spirit of shanghai 2” is not only a feast for the eyes and ears but also a spiritual cleansing. Through its magnificent performances, it conveys the “Shanghai spirit” of surpassing oneself and pursuing excellence. This spirit is not only the core value of the city of Shanghai but also a true reflection of everyone who strives for their dreams.

Through telling Chinese stories, “Spirit of shanghai 2” showcases the profound heritage and unique charm of Chinese culture. On the stage of international cooperation, Chinese elements and international expressions are perfectly integrated, allowing audiences from different cultural backgrounds to feel the vast and profound charm of Chinese culture.


“Spirit of shanghai 2” is not just an artistic event for Shanghai Circus World but also a splendid presentation of Chinese culture. Through this performance, we have seen the perfect fusion of modern technology and traditional arts and felt the profound heritage and endless charm of Chinese culture.

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Is there a telephone number I can call to find out whether you still have seats available for the show tonight ? Also, what is your address ?
Hi, you must book the tickets in advance. If you can select the date, that means the tickets are available at that time. You can find our address at the bottom of the web site.
There are supposed to be tickets from 150¥ on but the booking tool only offers tickets from 250¥ on. How can I purchase them?
Hi, try to get the tickets from the ticket office in the circus world, good luck!
How do I buy 1 wheelchair ticket & 2 companion tickets? How much do they cost?
Hi, it's better to buy the special tickets in the ticket office.
Hi, i want to book couple of tickets for 17th May. Can I collect the tickets over the counter before the show or any chance can send it to the hotel we are staying between 16th to 17th? Thank you.
Hi, it can be sent to hotel, but you must let the hotel sign for you.
Hi, do you know when dates for October 2024 will be released please?
Hello, the October show schedule is expected to be announced in September
Hello, could you say me if it is possible to come with a child is 2 years old?
Hi, you're advised: full price for children, declined baby admission.
I must print the ticket to go inside in the show?
Hi, yes, you must take a ticket in your hand.
Hi, I'm in Shanghai. If I book online for Monday Oct 2nd with Union Pay do I just print the tickets?
Hi, please choose home delivery, we will send the tickets to you.
Hi, if I want to purchase tickets for tonight's show,is it possible?Is there tickets selling booth at the show venue?What's the timing for tickets selling?
Hi, you may go to the circuit to try today's tickets.
Hi, are tickets cheaper for foreign students studying in China? Any discounts? We have student cards from our university.And are tickets available at the entrance?
Hi, no any discount for ERA show.
good morningI'm going to buy two tickets. I have left the hotel to be notified and they have given me the ok. Is there any problem in receiving them there?
Hi, that's no problem if the hotel agree to receive the ticket.