2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus

2021-02-07 17:51
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2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus:

2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus

2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus

February 6: 14:00;

February 12: 10:00 14:00;

February 13: 10:00 14:00;

February 14: 10:00 14:00;

February 15: 10:00 14:00;

February 16: 10:00 14:00;

February 17: 10:00 14:00;

Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District



How can I book 2 tickets for a show the 1st or 2nd of January 2017?
Hi, please come back to make the order after November.
I am staying at Marriott Shanghai Parkview hotel, Guangzhong Xi Lu No 333, Zaibei district.How far from here if by walk?
Hi, I guess less than 20 minutes walk.
Can I receive the tickets by email ?
Hi, the tickets have to deliver to you.
How long is the entire show?
Hi, it will take up to 90 minutes.
Hi. Will there be tickets for ERA in October? Couldn´t find the schedule.
Hi, no schedule for October at this time.
Hello. We are for holidays in shanghai till friday (25.11).Is it possible to get 2 Tickets for tomorrow (24.11)?
Hi, if you cannot buy the tickets online, please go to the theater to try.
Hello! I want to buy 2 tickets, but we are in Spain until end of August. Do you send the tickets to Spain? Thks
Hi, we can send the tickets to Spain.
When will be the tickets for May 2019 available ?
Hi, it will be in April.
Hi, if i buy the tickets online, do i need to come to take them back at the theater, or will i get them on my email?
Hi, you can pick up the tickets while you come to the theater to watch the show.
Is it possible to buy tickets at the day of show in Ticket office?
Hi, you can if the tickets are not sold out.
Hello, is there a luggage storage facility? We want to attend the evening performance before travelling directly to the airport?
Hi, there is no such service at the theater.
Hi, is it possible to do the booking for the next august 2019 and print the tickets online or the company has to send the tickets to my country? I'm from Spain. Thank you.
Hi, please come back after June 2019. We can send the tickets to your country.