2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus

2021-02-07 17:51
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2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus:

2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus

2021 Spring Festival Performance Arrangement of Happy Circus

February 6: 14:00;

February 12: 10:00 14:00;

February 13: 10:00 14:00;

February 14: 10:00 14:00;

February 15: 10:00 14:00;

February 16: 10:00 14:00;

February 17: 10:00 14:00;

Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District



Hi! I booked 4 tickets last night , paid via Paypal, for a show on April 30, 14:00pm.My option was I will collect the tickets at the box office. But until now i have not received confirmation from Era-shanghai.Pls help. Thanks.
Hi, please contact Era-shanghai for detail.
Do I have to purchase a ticket for a 2 year old?
Yes, one ticket for one person.
I am trying to buy tickets for June for the ERA but there is no button to click to move onto the next month. Is there any bug in the website or any other way I can buy the tickets?
Hi, the tickets for June are not released yet.
Do you have 'tickets sold on the day' ? Can I buy today's tickets on your store?
Hi, you must make an order and pay in advance.
When do tickets for May performances go on sale?
Hi, you may try in April.
Can I receive the tickets by email ?
Hi, the tickets have to deliver to you.
I would like to book tickets for April 29th or April 30th.What are the show times for those days day?
Hi, the show time is 19:30.
Hello, do you have any tickets available for Saturday 1st October 7.30pm.
Hi, you may go to the ticket office to buy the tickets dated Oct 1st.
Hello, I live in another country(not in china) How can I buy ticket ? To buy online ticket , I do not have china credit card to pay money .
Hi, please buy the tickets from the web site, and pay money by international credit card.
hi, do you have earlier shows? I read somewhere you had a 2 pm show, is it still available? how can I get the tickets?
Hi, we have happy circus which start at 2 pm on weekend.
Can I also buy tickets at the location?
Hi, to buy the tickets ahead of time is suggested.
I want to pay tickets by VISA card can or not?
Hi, you can pay by PayPal.