ERA2—Spirit of Shanghai premiere countdown: performance schedule announced

2021-05-28 22:00
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ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥280 - 880
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The countdown to the premiere of ERA2—Spirit of Shanghai will be held in Shanghai Circus City on June 19th. Time Trip 2's performance schedule is as follows:

Time travel 2 premiere countdown: performance schedule announced

ERA2—Spirit of Shanghai premiere countdown: The show schedule is as follows


ERA2—Spirit of Shanghai (June - July):


ERA2—Spirit of Shanghai: June 19 (Saturday) June 20 (Sunday)

ERA2—Spirit of Shanghaiwill be performed on July 3 (Saturday) July 4 (Sunday) July 10 (Saturday) July 11 (Sunday) July 17 (Saturday) July 18 (Sunday) July 27- July 31 (Sunday)


ERA2—Spirit of Shanghai June - July performance start time: 19:30


ERA2—Spirit of Shanghai from August: every Tuesday to Sunday at 20:00, every Saturday afternoon at 14:00 extra performance.



Hi - what time does the gate open to buy tickets at the ticket office ? Is there a number we can call to book tickets?
Hi, it open at 9:00 each day.
Do I have to purchase a ticket for a 2 year old?
Yes, one ticket for one person.
The ERA shows everyday?
Yes, there is an ERA show everyday.
I want to attend the show on Thursday night 25 May, but home delivery of tickets appears to be too late. Is there a possibility I can purchase the tickets in person today or tomorrow at the venue itself?
Hi, you can buy if the tickets are available.
When we can buy ticket for the ERA show in January 2017 ??
Hi, it will be released after November.
When will be the tickets for May 2019 available ?
Hi, it will be in April.
Hi, is IT possible to collect the ticket from the counter just prior to performance? Thanks.
Hi, not supported.
Hi, what prof shall I show you when I collect the tickets?
Hi, please tell them your real name while collecting the tickets in the Circus.
We need tickets for March 5/2017. What times are performances that day? How do we pay online when we purchase tickets
Please try to book tickets for March 2017 in Feb.
Hi, all the dates in the booking system has status 'Closed' for February and March.When will they be open?
Hi, you may go to the theater to buy the tickets.
How long does it take?
Hi, it'll take about 90 minutes.
when will tickets for October, 2017, be available
Hi, please come back after August.