ERA Intersection2 is about to premiere , and it has been shortlisted for the 2nd "Shanghai Design 100+"

2021-04-19 21:54
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ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥280 - 880
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Time travel brand new drama " ERA Intersection2" is coming soon. It is expected that "ERA  Intersection2" will have its trial premiere and word-of-mouth experience in the middle of June ,and officially premiere in the middle of July. Although it has not officially premiered, it has been successfully shortlisted for the second "Shanghai Design 100+".

With the help and support of the Shanghai Municipal Government, the first batch of foreign editing and creatives teams have come to Shanghai and entered the Circus City, where they have carried out actors' rehearsals, props and costumes production, lighting and sound design, mechanical equipment debugging and other creative work.

The judging panel believes that the stage creativity of Era Intersection2, with breathtaking technical movements and colorful stage effects, shows the Shanghai spirit of "surpassing oneself and pursuing excellence", which is very consistent with the theme of "Design Shanghai".

"ERA Intersection2" will perfectly blend art and technology, tradition and avant-garde, past and future in the performance to show the culture and spirit of Shanghai.

The English name of "ERA  Intersection2"  is also called "Spirit of Shanghai".

The performance time of " ERA Intersection2 " is coming, pls look forward to it!



Hi I would like to ask how much the ticket of a 2 yr old child be?
Hi, only one kind of price, for all people.
hi, is it possible to get the ticket on the day itself? or do we need to buy 1 day early before the show?
Hi, to buy the tickets early is suggested.
I have heard that this show is in a temporary location.What is the address of that location?
Hi, the address is 2801 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District.
Hello, do you have any tickets available for Saturday 1st October 7.30pm.
Hi, you may go to the ticket office to buy the tickets dated Oct 1st.
Hello, is it possible to choose the seat while booking?
Hi, not supported.
We need tickets for March 5/2017. What times are performances that day? How do we pay online when we purchase tickets
Please try to book tickets for March 2017 in Feb.
I would like to book 10 tickets for this 28/7, but couldn't go through
Hi, please go to the ticket office to buy.
Are tickets still available for today Monday? Need 2 tickets.
Hi, the tickets for today were sold out.
Hello, will there be shows at 14.00 in January 2017 or only 19,30?
Hi, normally there will be shows at 19:30, but there will be shows at 14:00 on some Chinese holidays.
Can I go to your office and buy tickets 1 day in advance ?
Hi, of course you can. But I'm not sure if the tickets will be sold out or not at that time.
Hi, are tickets cheaper for foreign students studying in China? Any discounts? We have student cards from our university.And are tickets available at the entrance?
Hi, no any discount for ERA show.
Hi, is it possible to do the booking for the next august 2019 and print the tickets online or the company has to send the tickets to my country? I'm from Spain. Thank you.
Hi, please come back after June 2019. We can send the tickets to your country.