Shanghai Circus World Acrobatics Spacetime Journey Show Schedule, Unlimited Charm of Extreme Youth

2023-04-02 14:13
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ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥280 - 880
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Announcement of Shanghai Circus World's Must-See Show in 2023 - "ERA Spacetime Journey 2" April Performance Schedule Released. "ERA Spacetime Journey 2" will take you on a dreamlike journey through time, and we hope to see you at the theater where you can feel the spring on stage.

Shanghai Circus World Acrobatics Spacetime Journey Show Schedule

The performance of "ERA Spacetime Journey 2" will tell a beautiful story of encounter and romantic love that happened in Shanghai. Through amazing acrobatic performances, cutting-edge technology, and unprecedented stage elements, the show combines Shanghai's historical culture and modern style to create a series of colorful and vivid scenes, showcasing the spirit of China and the soul of Shanghai.

"Shanghai Circus World Spacetime Journey 2" still photos



If I want to walk in where can I get a ticket ?Only at theater or somewhere in town? I want to go on Monday or Tuesday night.
Hi, at the theater.
Is there seat number on the tickets?
Yes, there is a seat number on the each ticket.
Hello, we arrive tonight in Shanghai. we wanted to come and see you either tonight or sunday but on your website you only sell for the 22nd. Does that mean you are full or is there another way to buy tickets.Thank youErwan
Hi, you may go to the theater to try to buy the tickets directly.
Do you have tickets available for 27th July ?
Hi, we have no more tickets.
Hello, I would like to book 2 places for April 29, 2019 but I can’t change the month on your booking calendar
Hi, please come back in March.
I bought two ticket for tomorrow with delivery option but anyone come to my hotel at Putuo district. what I should do? Could I pick up my tickets tomorrow before show at ticket office?
Hi, please tell us your order number so that we can check for you.
Hi, I live and work in the Jiading district. Can I still have the tickets delivered to my workplace and pay cash on delivery?
Hi, I'm sorry, cash on delivery is not supported for ERA tickets.
I purchased ERA Intersection ticket for September 197:30 pm show from Viator.Can I pick up the ticket before the show maybe at 7:00 pm on September 19?I have the barcode from my purchase.
Hi, please provide your order number so that we can check for you.
Hello, will there be shows at 14.00 in January 2017 or only 19,30?
Hi, normally there will be shows at 19:30, but there will be shows at 14:00 on some Chinese holidays.
Are there any tickets available for Sunday night?
Hi, please refer to the web site.
we want 4 tickets for may 9 , can we get tickerts over the counter on may 9
Hi, only home delivery is supported.
Do I have to purchase a ticket for a 2 year old?
Yes, one ticket for one person.