Hi, are there some tickets left for Friday evening? Because the advance booking is no longer avaiable? If yes, where can I buy it?
Hi, you may go to the ticket office of cirucs to try.
Hi, I have a 2 year old child! Do I have to buy a full ticket for him or is he free of charge if he is sitting on my lap?
Hi, yes, you must buy a full ticket.
hi, is the Era-show on now?
Not yet, but it will open soon.
Hi I am trying to look for June 2018 show schedule but i could not locate it. The booking schedule only available up to February 2018. Do you have show every night even on weekdays? Looking at the schedule is very confusing.
Hi, please come back after April.
I must print the ticket to go inside in the show?
Hi, yes, you must take a ticket in your hand.
Hi, I buyed tickets, but it's didn't shipped. Now I stay at the counter and can't get in without tickets.I show the reservation number, the phone number and my name but the happy circus don't accept it.
Hi, your package was signed on March 14. Please contact express company for detail.
Hi I would like to ask how much the ticket of a 2 yr old child be?
Hi, only one kind of price, for all people.
Are there tickets available for saturday 6th may?
Hi, please go to the ticket office to buy the tickets.
Can I get 4 tickets for tomorrow?
Hi, the tickets for today were sold out.
Hi,Im in zhengzhou city could you please tell me how can i get tickets in here & how long its gonna take to get tickets in hand?
Hi, you may choose "home delivery", it will take up to 3 to 5 days.
Hi, I live and work in the Jiading district. Can I still have the tickets delivered to my workplace and pay cash on delivery?
Hi, I'm sorry, cash on delivery is not supported for ERA tickets.
Hi! We have already paid our ERA tickets good for 8 personswith Invoice ID: p1703230947431704021 via Paypal. Your email to us after booking stated that we will be getting our tickets at the Box Office. What will I show at the Box Office on April 2 then? Thank you. We are from the Philippines.
Hi, this order did not belong to our company.