Spirit of Shanghai ERA 2, January 2024 Show Schedule

2023-12-21 23:13
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ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥280 - 1080
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Shanghai Circus City is located at 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, which is always staging ERA Journey Through Time 2 and Joy Circus. with New Year's Day coming up, may your happiness be like snowy mountains erupting with sparks, and your luck be like the ocean in general, surging unceasingly. 21 performances will be staged by ERA Journey Through Time in January, 2024, which will include an afternoon performance on New Year's Day!


ERA Time Travel 2 will tell the story of the beautiful encounters and romantic love stories that took place in Shanghai. Through spectacular acrobatic performances, new technologies and unprecedented stage elements, the fusion of multiple arts, the combination of Shanghai's history, culture and modernity creates a series of colorful and vivid scenes that showcase today's Chinese spirit and the soul of Shanghai.


All original music tailored for each show, ranging from fashionable hip-hop and tango dance styles to romantic and lyrical vocal singing. The perfect fusion of Chinese national instruments such as guzheng, erhu, matouqin, shakuhachi, gongs and drums, and Western instruments such as piano, harp and violin, showcases the global musical flavor, which is both Chinese and global. Just like the city of Shanghai, it is a city that is beautiful by the sea.

With gorgeous stage effects and amazing acrobatic performances, Journey in Time 2, a dreamy journey, more attractions for you to discover!

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