Dear SirsDuring my business trip to Shanghai I would appreciate to invite my business partners - naturally accompanied - to visit the Shanghai-Circus on Sunday, 25th September 2016.What do you prefer: having dinner before or after the show?We are five adults and one child. Because it shall be an event a gift to the great partners we have at China, I want to book really good seats. The VIP-Seats I prefer. Is it possible to pay by credit card and receiving an invoice? Was I right in understanding that I have to pick up the tickets on the same day when I will come to show? May you can help me?

Hi, you can buy the tickets through the web site and pay by credit card, then go to the theater to pick up the tickets on the day of the performance.
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ERA2 - Spirit of Shanghai

Venue: ShanghaiShanghai Circus World
Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District
Price: ¥280 - 1080
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Tel: 400-118-2797


Hello, I am in Korea and I bought a ticket yesterday throughwebsite. I paid whole price through paypal. My name is Eun*** Kim. But I can't find any information about my ticket in that website or my email box. Could you help me how can I get my ticket?I wrote my email address on that website and my Chinese address, which is The Eaton Hotel.
Hi, please confirm that you purchased the tickets through our web site. You may supply your email address, then we can search your order by this.
Do you sell group tickets? Is there a discount for buying over 10 tickets? We have a group of 13-15 people who want to come on July 25.
Hi, please send email to us for detail.
how long is the show time ,form 7:30pm to ?
Hi, it'll take about 90 minutes.
How long does it take?
Hi, it'll take about 90 minutes.
Hi ! We have paid for tickets online and were told we then have to phone for seats. No one is responding at the two phone numbers given (66525468 or 139-1871-9097). We would like to attend a show in the next couple of days. Please respond or provide an alternate phone number that is answered. Thanks!
Hi, this is not our telephone number, please confirm you purchased the tickets from our web site.
Hi this is Ben. I'm trying to get two tickets 280rnb each for tonight's show. Is it possible? Can I do over the counter purchase? Thank you!
Hi, you may try, but we're not sure any tickets will be left at that time.
Hi, I live and work in the Jiading district. Can I still have the tickets delivered to my workplace and pay cash on delivery?
Hi, I'm sorry, cash on delivery is not supported for ERA tickets.
Hi, I purchased order 1510148188. Do I collect tickets at your office? If yes, what should I bring with me?
Hi, please pick up the tickets in the ticket office of the theater, just tell your real name to the staff.
Can I go to your office and buy tickets 1 day in advance ?
Hi, of course you can. But I'm not sure if the tickets will be sold out or not at that time.
Hi! CAN i pay with a crédit card or cash just before the show start. I would like to réserve for 3 at 120 rmb on 19july. Tanks. I. Marcorelles
Hi, you can come to our office to buy tickets and pay by cash or credit card issued by Chinese bank. But we cannot keep the tickets for you before you paid.
hello again. it's me, Kim from Korea. My email address is and my ticket is for june 7th, 420 yuan . thank you very much.
Hi, we cannot find your email address. Please confirm you purchased the tickets through this web site:
Hi, are tickets cheaper for foreign students studying in China? Any discounts? We have student cards from our university.And are tickets available at the entrance?
Hi, no any discount for ERA show.