Highlight 7 Forever

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The most romantic act of ERA. With two silk ribbons, a young pair of lovers expresses their admiration and affections not only for each other but also for the audience from the air.

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Booking Questions
Q: Hey! Will you deliver me on time 4 tickets for the 28th performance to Hongkou discrict If I make the purchase today?
A: Hi, it will be shipped on Monday if you booked today.
Q: good morningI'm going to buy two tickets. I have left the hotel to be notified and they have given me the ok. Is there any problem in receiving them there?
A: Hi, that's no problem if the hotel agree to receive the ticket.
Q: Hello,How often does the Happy Circus show? Is it twice a day every weekend? Or only once a day every weekend? Does it show on weekdays as well?Thanks!
A: Hi, two shows on Saturday, and one show on Sunday.
Q: are infants (5months old) allowed in the theather? If yes, will he need a ticket?
A: Hi, he can enter if he has a ticket.
Q: Hi can I purchase 25 tickets for 9th of November?
A: Hi, you may make the order online.
Q: Hi, I would like to know when will the tickets for 19 to 21 October be available for sale? If we were to purchase them from your office.
A: Hi, it's not ready for sale.
Q: I live in Florida, U.S.A.I would like to buy 1 ticket for one evening show.The date of my attendance can be on any oneof these dates:Oct. 4, Oct. 5, Oct. 15, or Oct. 16. What is best procedure to buy and receive ticket? Can the ticket besent to my address in Florida before Oct. 1, 2017? I am also staying in hotel in Shanghai.Would it be better to by ticket in Shanghai?
A: Hi, the tickets for October are not released, please follow the web site.
Q: I purchased ERA Intersection ticket for September 197:30 pm show from Viator.Can I pick up the ticket before the show maybe at 7:00 pm on September 19?I have the barcode from my purchase.
A: Hi, please provide your order number so that we can check for you.
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