Highlight 8 Space Motorcycles

Published: Jul 06, 2013 17:13Hits: 2293Published by: Shanghai Circus World Tickets

8 terror cotta soldier looking warriors run a motor race in an iron and steel globe with a dimension of 6.8 meters. They drive the audience crazy and bring the show to a happy ending.

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Booking Questions
Q: can we choose the seat?
A: Hi, you cannot choose seat.
Q: Hi, i will be in shangai next month. I booked for 3 night in a hôtel. Even if i have not already checked in, is it possible to have the ticket delivered there? What the procedure?Thanks a lot
A: Hi, you may let the hotel receive your tickets, then we can send it to your hotel.
Q: Do you have 1 ticket available for today
A: Hi, please try in the ticket office of shanghai circus world.
Q: Do you have a show in August 7-9?
A: Hi, yes, we have the show in August.
Q: Hi, I am in Colombia (South America), if buy tickets online are they going to be shipped to Colombia or how I could receive them by email?
A: Hi, we can send the tickets to Colombia.
Q: Are there any tickets available for Sunday night?
A: Hi, please refer to the web site.
Q: Hi any chances for last min ticket? 2017-06-08?
A: Hi, please go to the box office of Shanghai Circus World to try.
Q: Hi, I would like to attend the show on 8th or 9th july, when will it be possible to purchase the tickets?
A: Hi, please come back after June 20.
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